Price Matching Policy

This policy exclusively covers Forever Ring's moissanite engagement rings.

While we cannot drop our price by request, we can price match eligible Canadian fine jewelers. 

To determine eligibility, we require proof of offer. Proof of offer can be a link to a product on a website. Or it may also be an email from the company with the details of the ring and the quoted price. If your item is eligible for price matching, it can be combined with any current promotion.

Marketplaces such Etsy are not fine jewelers and are not covered by this policy. Likewise, we recognize that not all jewelry sellers are fine jewelers. We also recognize that not all retailers offer products of equal quality to Forever Ring, despite appearing similar.

We understand that most customers do not wish to share that they are shopping around. However, please don't be shy to share this with us. Let us know so we can do our best to help you.