About Us

 Forever Ring is a private moissanite jeweler and online jewelry retailer in Toronto, Canada, that offers custom jewelry design services. We specialize in custom made to order moissanite engagement rings and jewelry. Much like our customers, I (Azia), too, was looking for something other than diamonds for my engagement ring when I discovered the beauty of moissanite. If you would like to learn more about moissanite,  click here.

Why choose Forever Ring to be your moissanite jeweler

When you chose Forever Ring, you are working directly with someone who has had all the same questions you or your partner may have about moissanite and a team of highly skilled experts that have decades of experience crafting fine jewelry. Being a small business, I am able to provide you with the time and attention needed to feel confident in your purchase or commission of a bespoke item. It truly is a privilege and joy to work with people who are often celebrating significant milestones. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Book a Moissanite Viewing and Discuss Your Design Ideas

Appointments are available via Zoom and in-person at my home. Meetings focus on viewing loose moissanite, and/or discussing your ideas for a bespoke item or customizing an existing style. After learning more about what you wish to create, a quote is provided for your consideration. You may book an appointment here.

Have a design idea? Get a quote

If you would like a quote without an appointment, you can reach us here.

Customizing existing styles

To customize any of the styles on our site, please email azia@foreverring.ca before placing your order. Examples of customization include: 

  •    adding/removing stones
  •   adding/removing other design elements 
  •   changing the width of the band
  •    prong styles and band contour
  •   engraving