About Us

Forever Ring is a private Toronto-based moissanite jeweler and online jewelry retailer that specializes in custom moissanite engagement rings.  At Forever Ring, we are committed to  creating beautiful heirloom-quality jewelry crafted from precious metals, sustainable moissanite, and the best quality lab-grown diamonds available to ensure the most beautiful ring! 

Forever Ring, Your moissanite jeweler

We're here to guide you through the custom jewelry design process. We strongly believe that when it comes to celebrating your love and other important moments in life, that you should have exactly what you want. Known for our quality and unrivaled customer service, Forever Ring moissanite engagement rings and jewelry are crafted by a team of experts with 40+ years of experience crafting fine jewelry. And, all our jewerly comes with a warranty. While we are based in Toronto, Canada thanks to Zoom, we can work with anyone anywhere. So if you are searching for the perfect moissanite engagement ring in Halifax, Vancouver, the States, or Europe, don't hesitate to book an appointment. 

Why choose a private jeweler

As a private jeweler we operate privately and independently without a retail location. The benefits to you are more flexibility in terms of calibrated customer service, availability, and pricing. Your experience with us is our top priority and it is one the is personal in nature, tailored to your needs, and completely private. When you book an appointment with us to see our moissanite stones and discuss your design ideas, you always have our full attention. You will never experience a sales person on commission trying to close a sale.  

Want to see moissanite or discuss your design ideas?

We book stone viewings and design appointment in-person and over Zoom. Meetings focus on viewing loose moissanite, and/or discussing your ideas for a bespoke item or customizing an existing style. After learning more about what you wish to create, we will provide you with a quote for consideration.

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Have a design idea? Get a quote

Book an appointment here.

Customizing existing styles

To customize any of the styles on our site, please email azia@foreverring.ca before placing your order.