Designing a custom moissanite engagement ring. Here's some pro-tips.

Creating a custom moissanite engagement ring is an exciting process that allows you to create an engagement ring that you are guaranteed to love! This article contains pro tips that will help you prepare and ensure a smooth experience. Learn more about moissanite here.

Get inspired

If you are considering a custom engagement ring, you likely already have a style in mind. If you are deciding between engagement ring styles, consider creating a Pinterest board or a dedicated Instagram collection just for rings. As you pin and save images, you’ll likely find that a pattern emerges. Creating a custom ring is a chance to let your personality shine, so don’t be afraid to follow your gut when it comes to creating your moissanite engagement ring. 

If you are deciding between stones sizes, trust your instinct. Most ring regret comes from selecting a smaller stone because the client was afraid to get the size of moissanite they wanted for various reasons. It's your ring and you should love every aspect of it.

Start the process early

When you decide to create a custom ring, it’s important to start the process as early as possible. The process involves communicating your ideas, approving and tweaking images, and allowing time for the ring to be crafted. A good guideline is to allow 4 weeks to 6 weeks. During the holidays, it's best to allow up to 8 weeks. However, if your ideas are evolving after starting the process, allow yourself more time. It's completely ok to hit pause if you need more time to think. Ultimately, I want you to be as in love with your ring as you are with your partner.

Set a budget and determine must-haves before getting started

Aside from its spectacular sparkle and the fact it is harder than sapphires, moissanite makes your dream ring far more affordable. With that said, setting a budget will help guide the process. 

Determining your must haves is equally important. If your budget is $1500 and you want to create an oval moissanite engagement ring, ask yourself if you want to prioritize a large stone over a 18k gold or vice versa. 

Thinking about these things ahead of time and communicating your priorities to your partner and us is very helpful.

Consider creating a bridal set

If you know the style of wedding band you want, consider creating a bridal set. It is often less expensive to create a set and your engagement ring may be requested during the crafting process to ensure a the two rings fit well together.  

Moissanite stone shape, size and color

Moissanite stones are available in a mind-blowing variety of shapes that are rarely seen in diamonds. Cuts include the more common round, oval, cushion, princess, radiant, and emerald. Less common cuts include marquise, trillion, Asscher, baguette, shield cuts, old European, antique cuts, rose cuts, and custom cuts.

In terms of size, moissanite is available in a wide range of sizes. Forever Ring Moissanite can be custom cut to any size you wish.  

Gold or Platinum?

The choice of precious metal is an important factor. While white gold has been the most popular metal for engagement rings in recent years, 14k yellow gold moissanite engagement rings are trending. Platinum and rose gold are also excellent choices for your moissanite ring.

Pavé and accents

Both moissanite stones and lab-diamonds can be used for pavé. Creating a custom moissanite engagement ring means that you get to specify every element. Pavé bands, pavé prongs, hidden accent stones, decorative baskets, galleries, personal symbols, side stones, or a halo can personalize your engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to incorporate something that is special to you individually or as a couple. If you are considering engraving, a wider band is recommended.

The process

  • Clarify your vision to save time.
  • Share photos that capture the elements (band, halo, pave, basket, gallery, prongs).
  • An estimate will be shared with you to review.
  • If you decide to move forward, a deposit will be requested.
  • Images will be created for you to review and you may wish to make changes. Time should be budgeted to revise the design and engage in the review process.
  • Once the design is approved by the client, the ring will be cast and finished.


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